Why Targeted Advertising Doesn’t Work on the Younger Generations

There are three reasons.

1. It’s a violation of privacy. It’s disrespectful. We are tired of that. We hate people who do that.

2. Do ad executives seriously think that bombarding us with things that we “like” is actually going to boost sales, when what they’re selling is absolute garbage?

3. We’re poor. We don’t want to buy stuff we don’t actually need.

Here, take a look at this helpful graphic The Oatmeal made. https://theoatmeal.com/comics/sell_generation

Look, I was born in the 90s. I know what consumerism can do to a person’s house. I know just how “helpful” useless, mass-produced gadgets are. There is one thing I personally am looking for, and that is quality at a fair price. I would LOVE to buy your product if it’s actually good! In fact, if I’m not mistaken, there is a whole humongous market of people like me who want to buy good things but haven’t seen any. So here are seven helpful tips for advertising to people my age and younger.

1. Do not use targeted advertisements or otherwise violate consumer privacy. Seriously, fuck you and fuck off. And no using first names to be artificially intimate. That’s fucking creepy.

2. Make a quality product that will be worth our time and effort. By “quality” I mean something that we can enjoy not only in the moment, but look back on enjoying it and not regret buying it. You can’t say that about most stuff on the market today. Bonus points for treating your workers fairly and giving them a living wage. Extra bonus points for eco-friendly business practices.

3. Package it professionally.

4. Market it professionally, by explaining the product and its features without faffing around or fluffing it up.

5. Do not insult our intelligence by trying to use gimmicks.

6. Price it fairly. Don’t assume that we’ll feel sorry for you and buy your stuff if it’s a good 200% of the market price but you’re a “starving artist” or whatever.

7. Make your product fill a need, but do it in such a way that it also puts a smile on the consumer’s face.

There. Now go out there and market your awesome products with confidence.


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