Cold brewing herbal waters

If you've never tried this, you really should. It's simple. Get a sprig of any fresh herb, such as spearmint, or a teabag of whatever kind of tea you wish, such as peppermint. Put that in any amount of water that you have, and let it sit. It can sit at room temperature for an … Continue reading Cold brewing herbal waters

The Lord and the Lady

The Lord is God. The Lady is God, but female. Together they are one. This Divine being is in every positive religion and spirituality, in all times and places, helping all people, under many different names, because She is infinite love and infinite mercy. That's what Wiccans believe. Witches? Dunno, ask one. Witches choose their … Continue reading The Lord and the Lady

Witchcraft, Science: the similarity

It is commonly perceived that the Craft is nothing more than a bunch of superstitious, unscientific hogwash. Worse yet, some practitioners actually believe this and start hating on science, preferring instead to live without it! What the hell people? The bottom line in Witchcraft is "whatever works," and mere superstition just doesn't. There are a lot of things … Continue reading Witchcraft, Science: the similarity

In Memory of Chet Baker

For fear that the memory would be lost forever, I am sharing with you the greatness that was Chet Baker. If you have any musical inclination at all, or even like music, you should listen to his music. His is the kind of music that can be playing in the background, mellowly infusing a space, … Continue reading In Memory of Chet Baker