Energy Healing

Ask the Divine for help and protection, and then to focus on a feeling of pure unconditional compassionate love. Once you have a fix on that feeling, that feeling of “I really care, I give a shit,” charge up your hands with that energy and put them over the area of pain. Just let the … Continue reading Energy Healing

Let’s sanction Donald Trump and his supporters

So this guy gets into office and starts waging a white-collar war against everyone in this country who isn't rich. He starts promoting an openly racist, xenophobic agenda and making the worst elements in this country feel comfortable enough to commit crimes in the name of race. He guts environmental protections and corrupts the entire … Continue reading Let’s sanction Donald Trump and his supporters

What Wicca Has and Doesn’t Have

Wicca Has: -Reverence, love, and respect for nature, animals, the truth, children, and plants -One guideline: "An it harm none, do as ye will" aka "do what you will as long as it harms none" -Crystals -Candles -Herbs -Altars that also have crystals, candles, and herbs -So many books -Working of strictly positive magic that … Continue reading What Wicca Has and Doesn’t Have