40 minute Baked Tofu

Preheat the oven to 400F Slice a pound of firm or extra firm tofu into slabs 1/2" thick. You can cut it into smaller pieces if you want. Or you can cut it into 1" cubes. Whatever. Put it in a baking dish, cast-iron skillet, or cookie sheet with a rim and add all this … Continue reading 40 minute Baked Tofu

The Greed of Mankind: Buy Herbs Wisely

As someone with Lyme disease, I have been in the front row, so to speak, watching new herbal products come onto the market. Teasel, queen's root, garlic extract, and so on - these products are selling like hotcakes. There is a bit of a problem here. Firstly, most of these get-rich-quick companies are capitalizing on … Continue reading The Greed of Mankind: Buy Herbs Wisely

Public School is Child Abuse

School in the United States is systematic emotional, mental, and physical abuse. Teachers and administrators are allowed to use whatever system they see fit to keep students in line. They, and society at large, believe that since students are young, they have fewer rights than adults. No adult in the U.S. education system is held … Continue reading Public School is Child Abuse