RIP Whitney Houston

The best female singer (arguably) the world has ever known. Her debut album came out on February 14, 1985.


Culturally Appropriating The Gods

Take a look at the title of that post. Now back to this sentence. Now back to the title. Think about it. Do you see something wrong with that statement? You may be aware that many people post online about how "these people are appropriating my Gods" or "this person is appropriating the Goddess of … Continue reading Culturally Appropriating The Gods

Unavoidable Fuckups in Witchcraft

Welp, here you are. You've been studying the Craft for years and practicing well, learning stuff and doing stuff, and still you are ALL KINDS OF DISCOMBOBULATED. Funny how all those pretty books never tell you the kind of uh, hiccups, you'll run into. Well, here are a few. INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS DURING MAGIC You tried … Continue reading Unavoidable Fuckups in Witchcraft

What does Witchcraft have to do with Dungeons & Dragons?

In a nutshell: EEEEEVERYTHING! See those beady eyed little monsters on the cover of one of those books? Oh dear Lord it's so evil. All those nerds playing D&D in their basements are all Witches. They all like to run around converting innocent men and women to their D&D cult. They fear the Black Pudding. … Continue reading What does Witchcraft have to do with Dungeons & Dragons?