The Hydra Protocol

Feel free to copy paste this anywhere. In fact please do. If I had this years ago I wouldn’t have suffered for as long as I did, and no one should have to suffer like that. This is not a substitute for competent medical care. That said, it was created because I never found any.

Please sign this petition that demands a congressional investigation of the CDC, IDSA, and ALDF. These agencies are part of the reason why Lyme disease simply is ignored by the mainstream medical establishment.

Want a spoon fed reason why I made this? Here you go.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. If you have Lyme, this is likely to put you in remission if you stick to the treatment for two years, and then continue it for life. But first a little backstory.

According to Steven Buhner in the book Healing Lyme, the studies cited in the book indicate that Lyme disease is unique in a few fundamental ways. Firstly, that it isn’t just one disease but a swarm of different spirochetes with different genetics, each with different immunities and which causes different symptoms. Therefore, one chemical alone is not going to wipe out the swarm. Secondly, that said swarm not only is adept at evading the immune system, but that it is very adept at adapting to threats. Thirdly, that the bacteria have a very slow reproduction rate – meaning, where most bacteria create a new generation every two days or so, borrelia (that’s Lyme) bacteria create a new generation every two weeks to a month. Also they create cyst, bleb, and L-forms when exposed to antibiotics which leads to persistence of the infection because the antibiotics merely eradicate the spirochete (squiggly) form. And finally, Lyme never travels alone; it usually carries at least one other tick-borne infection with it. Now the immune system can keep it in check if it is strong enough, however Lyme is great at suppressing the exact immune system mechanisms which would kill it. In the initial stages of infection (2-3 weeks) for some reason Lyme disease is easily killable; just take a month of doxycycline and you’ll probably be fine. However if it is undiagnosed for longer than that you are basically screwed. Personally I’ve had it for longer than seven years, so all the antibiotics doctors gave me didn’t work… at all. In fact they made me sicker. After a while it occurred to me that I would have to kill off most of the infection while making my immune system really strong so it could mop up the rest, if I ever wanted to live a normal life free of relapse. I therefore came up with this. Herbs contain varying constituents, therefore the bacteria not only don’t have time to adapt to the variance but are hit by all kinds of chemicals at once. These herbs and practices also do not allow the immune system to slack off, instead assisting and even strengthening it. That is the strength of this approach.

Core Protocol

Two things kill Lyme reliably: Oxygen and heat. The rest of this protocol is insurance stacked on top of insurance, to make sure it subsides. Do as much of it as you can. There are more things you can try out there but many of them are dangerous. NOTE: Before I add anything to this protocol I try it on myself. If I think it’s safe and effective, then I add it. I am not you, therefore do this at your own risk.

On all things increase the dosage very slowly or you could cause a serious herxheimer reaction. As in, one or two 400-mg pills per product every two weeks, or similar dosage increase. Use the minimum effective dose; unfortunately this can only be done with trial and error, so go by a guide of “if it makes you feel better after the initial herxheimer reaction (which can take two months or longer btw), then use only the minimum needed to keep you at that level of feeling-better.” However you cannot slack on the dosage of these herbs; what you’ll need dosage wise to kill the disease is somewhat high at first, sometimes three or four times what the dosage on the bottle says; one of the reasons why you have to increase the dosage so slowly, to see what it does to you. Another reason for the slow dosage increase is that herbs – since yes, they ARE drugs – have different effects in different people; if you have any adverse reactions to an herb besides herxheimer reaction you will have to go without it and find something else that works. Once relief is achieved dial back the dosage until you are at a maintenance dose. You will probably have to be on the maintenance dose for life. You should know that once you have determined what works for you, you cannot omit a single thing from your personal protocol; give Lyme an inch and it takes a mile. There is nothing fun about this protocol. You should also know that due to the nature of this disease the recovery process is very slow. Expect about two years of recovery time.
Fresh air is extremely important. Unless you are in a big polluted city, wherever you are, you must crack open a window even a tiny bit. It makes a big difference over time.
See an endocrinologist to test for hypothyroidism. As I became healthier I noticed that the hypothyroidism symptoms that showed up when I first became sick were gradually going away and I accordingly reduced my dosage of medication. After this, my thyroid panel blood test results were still fine. This is not uncommon with Lyme patients, so get a full thyroid panel done to see if you’re hypothyroid. Make sure the doctor tests for free T3 and reverse T3 as well as free T4, as the TSH test is absolutely useless if used alone. If you do not respond to levothyroxine alone you may also need liothyronine: 11 parts levothyroxine to 1 part liothyronine. MOST ENDOCRINOLOGISTS DO NOT KNOW THIS. As time goes on you will learn to recognize the symptoms of being over or undermedicated with thyroid medication and will learn to adjust the medication on your own, but taking too much could kill you okay? Always adjust the medicine DOWN.
Probiotics – Find a reputable brand and take it faithfully. I haven’t found anything better than Ora Organics as of this writing. I must emphasize that these probiotics must be extremely STRONG. Just eating yogurt isn’t going to do anything.
A hot bath every night, using a handful of sea salt – in the beginning you probably won’t be able to handle this. Draw a warm bath instead, and stay in for as long as is comfortable to you but not until the water is lukewarm. Not longer than 20 minutes. Fair warning: these baths hurt like a bitch. To mitigate this herxheimer-reaction-induced pain take some Takesumi Supreme beforehand. I’ve heard activated carbon works, but it did not work for me, hence why I recommend the more expensive stuff. Once you have managed to work your way up to a fairly hot bath each night that you enjoy, just continue doing it. The sea salt is very important, and I have no idea why. Rinse off with a shower afterwards. It will work better if you use one of these things.
3 green smoothies every day – the important thing in these is 1 c. of packed greens, such as kale, parsley, lettuce, or cilantro, and whatever additions you want such as like 1/4 of an apple or a banana, and some lime juice. These help with herxheimer reactions and also help reduce pain overall.
Drink this stuff: (first recipe minus the sweetener) and drink water
Wim Hof Method – be aware you can give yourself spontaneous pneumothorax doing this, so consider this optional. Every day you feel up to it, lay on your back on the floor with your hands over your abdomen. Breathe in as much air as you can, then let it out naturally. That’s one rep. Do 40 reps, then hold your breath for as long as you comfortably can. Repeat that 3 or 4 more times – that is 3-4 sets of 40 reps. Also take two cold showers per day that are just 30 seconds to 1 minute long. The colder the better. Dry off quick and bundle up afterwards. You can replace this Wim Hof stuff with swimming in a natural body of water. Don’t do the cold showers in the wintertime.
When you are well enough, walk for 15 to 30 minutes once every three days. As you improve, gradually do more household chores to very slowly increase physical activity. Don’t overdo it.
Season your food lavishly with plenty of fresh and dried herbs and spices, and a variety of them. Many of these break up biofilm, besides the added benefit of making food taste good. If you have chronic pain, gradually add more and more spice from hot peppers. Eating a good amount of spicy food each day will help, but you have to build up a tolerance first so this will take half a year to start working, not even kidding.
Get in the habit of eating a ton of salads and cooked vegetables. Mostly vegan cuisine is also a good idea, so beans and tofu are good help here.
Get as much sun exposure as you can every day, with sunscreen. I use Kokua Sun Care. It’s expensive but a little goes a long way and it actually works for longer than 45 minutes for goodness sake. Avoid being outside during the time window of 10 AM – 3 PM when the sun’s rays are strongest. While indoors, keep all the windows open during the daytime. This is extremely important. See:
Supplement with the Deadlock Quartet if you have issues absorbing B vitamins or folate – adenosylcobalamin (I use KAL), l-carnitine fumarate (I use Doctor’s Best), l-methylcobalamin (I use Jarrow brand), and l-methylfolate (I use Life Extension brand). L-methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin are chewable and will not absorb properly unless you chew well, and then leave the pills under the tongue until they dissolve. Also, said quartet does not work if you do not use magnesium spray and eat foods with calcium so keep that in mind. Also get a B complex that is methylated. I use Jarrow B-Right. Also eat a lot of beef broth or pho. If you don’t have issues absorbing synthetic B vitamins get those instead; you’ll need B vitamins. If you cannot afford the Deadlock Quartet but have issues absorbing B vitamins & folate, eat these regularly: salmon, meat, organ meats, beef broth, jerky, cooked spinach, lima beans, asparagus, black tea with orange juice, canteloupe, strawberries. Also important, if you have issues absorbing B vitamins or folate: try spending 1 week without consuming products fortified with folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, or cyanocobalamin. If you feel better without eating that stuff, stop eating that stuff. Get good at reading ingredient lists.
Medicated massage oil or lotion – apply two times per day on the entire body. Essential oils in carrier oil, 3-5% pine (NOT optional), up to 2% frankincense oil (optional; helpful), 1% thyme citriodora oil, the rest extra virgin coconut and extra virgin olive oil in 1:1 ratio, so that’s 35% coconut and 35% EVOO. You could substitute lotion for the coconut and olive oils; that is less greasy. THEN add 10% by volume castor oil. Vanilla bean is a good addition for scent. This is not only for pain relief but also appears to kill the infection. It appears to be a transdermal natural antibiotic. Good brands: for the oils, Heritage Store brand for the castor oil, any brand for the coconut and olive. You can discontinue this massage oil if it starts making you feel worse instead of better. Check out the studies at the bottom of this page if you want to experiment with other essential oils. Focus on the ones that have been proven to help eradicate borrelia in vitro.
Medicated body spray – 2 tbsp magnesium flakes, 1 tbsp MSM crystals, 1/2 tsp potassium chloride, 1/4 c. water, and 1/4 tsp Lugol’s iodine in a spray bottle. Use six sprays on the abdomen daily. I get the MSM (Gold Standard Organic Sulfur), Lugol’s, potassium chloride (salt substitute; I use NOW brand), and magnesium flakes (Ancient Minerals brand) from Amazon. All of these last for months.
Garlic paste on the feet each morning or evening – how to accomplish: put 10 cloves of garlic through a garlic press onto wax paper inside a plastic bags. Repeat once. Dilute each pile with an equal amount of olive oil. Put that on the feet, tie the bags shut onto the feet, cover with another plastic bag on each if desired, and cover with socks. Wait 20 minutes, scrape off excess paste from the feet into a trash can, rinse off feet using soap, wipe them off with a washcloth, put new socks on. This – again – is transdermal natural antibiotic. It sounds crazy but you will taste garlic on your breath after doing this, and then you will have a herxheimer reaction.
5 andrographis pills each morning – Planetary Naturals brand is good. Do not do this for longer than 1 year unless you absolutely have to.
Stevia powder in hot water every morning and evening. Work your way up to 1 tbsp each morning and evening. Do not take for longer than 1 year unless you absolutely have to.
Astragalus pills or siberian ginseng pills – 2 pills morning and evening. Do not take for longer than 1 year unless you feel it helps.
Olive leaf extract pills – 2 per day, optional, use if tolerated
Neem leaf pills – titrate up as needed. Crucial, but you might not be able to tolerate it. Take it slow with this one. You might not be able to handle a full dose or even any at all.
Make this recipe and take 2 cubes per evening: 1 part lime juice, 2 parts coconut milk, pinch of salt, the zest from the limes, poured into an ice cube tray and frozen. THIS IS CRUCIAL. See the studies at the bottom of the page.
Do not eat sugar. GMO food and fluoridated water are also bad. Most importantly, if you don’t have issues absorbing B vitamins go mostly vegan. It really sucks but it is quite effective. However: eat one meal a week that has animal products, just to ensure you’re getting everything you need. If you have issues with B vitamins this advice doesn’t apply; eat animal products. Also, if you have issues with B vitamins, avoid products fortified with synthetic B vitamins for the most part, e.g. folic acid, niacin, cyanocobalamin.
Spike your food with a lot of raw garlic. A garlic press is a good investment. Make sure you’re seasoning the food with the garlic, not just sprinkling it on stuff, or you’ll have gastric upsets. Aim for 2 cloves a day, and more if you crave more.
Do a parasite cleanse whether you think you need one or not. Do two months of the full dose of NOW foods wormwood black walnut tincture plus a teaspoon in a cup of water morning and evening of this stuff: 5 parts black walnut hull powder to 1 part cloves powder, mixed – I get this from After that, two months of Parapro. After that, eat a lot of spicy food and garlic as a maintenance measure.
If you live in a moldy place move out. The rest of this protocol won’t work unless you do. You have to live in a place with lots of sunlight, good air circulation, and good air quality. That is crucial. Note: if you live in a polluted area, a large electrostatic or ionizing air purifier and a large amount of well taken care of potted plants will help. 1 sansevieria, 1 golden pothos, and 1 areca palm per room are recommended by one man in a TED talk; but in general I’d go for five decently sized potted plants of any kind per room.
Doing laundry and line drying clothes in the sun every day you feel up to it is one of the best kinds of exercise, if you can do exercise. The sun exposure, fresh air, and earthing are helpful. It also provides the benefit of ensuring your clothes, sheets, etc. are absolutely free of mold.
Do this to your house or apartment: decrease or raise the temperature to a constant 74-76. Every morning, open all the curtains, open all the blinds. Keep all overhead fans on medium or high, night and day. Get a dehumidifier if possible and run it constantly. You may even need two dehumidifiers. All of these things improve air quality and reduce mold, things that are crucial.
Stay warm. Bundle up if you have to. It is more important to avoid getting even slightly chilled than it is to get heat treatments like saunas, baths, etc.
Drink lots and lots of pure water. It may be wise to buy refills of purified water at Walmart or wherever; try it, see how it works for you. If it makes you feel better add a tiny pinch of baking soda and good salt to each cup.
Use to keep track of everything, to log your improvements, and to generally keep you on track.
The ocean is a massive help. If you have Lyme and live by the ocean, swim in it once a day.
Long term, it is very likely that living in the country gives you a better chance of total recovery. Short term, it should make you feel better faster. Try it.
Rest. Relax. Be a slug. Don’t be afraid to ask the people who care about you to assist. In fact, don’t be afraid to try getting on disability or asking your family to support you financially. You don’t get better from Lyme if you don’t veg pretty much round the clock.
Find things to entertain yourself with. For instance, books, a subscription to Crunchyroll, Youtube videos, and a laptop are all helpful.

Additional helpers, only if you can tolerate them/afford them:
Monolaurin produced by Inspired Nutrition – helps if you take two scoops a day.
Very likely: Rick Simpson Oil or similar product such as strong cannabutter. There is a great likelihood that this would not only reduce pain from Lyme but also help kill the disease, but since I live in an area where marijuana is illegal, I haven’t been able to try it.
Takesumi Supreme: Two scoops in a cup of water really help with herxheimer reactions. Do not take with other herbs, other medications, or food; will inhibit absorption.
Colloidal silver: 1/2 tsp of this stuff per day. Sovereign Silver is fine. Other brands are very iffy.
Propolis pills – 4 of the Y.S. Eco brand per day is a good idea
The Buhner Protocol – for some it works, for others it does not. It functions by reducing the production of inflammatory cytokines that promote the expansion of Lyme at an intercellular level and making the body less habitable for Lyme, which totally didn’t work for me but might for you
These foods, added to the daily diet: shiitake mushrooms, bananas, fermented unpasteurized foods, garlic, red wine, capers, tomato sauce, pickles, cocoa powder, kelp and other seaweed free of heavy metals, contamination, and radiation, red vegetables/fruits, blue/black vegetables/fruits, yellow/orange vegetables/fruits, sulfur-rich vegetables like cabbage and broccoli, green onion, and any whole food you are craving at the time

To relieve pain:
Either 2 bottles of Joint Juice with 1/4-1/2 tsp (total) of MSM crystals added to each and shaken to blend, or: Joint > movement Glucosamine Extra Strength by Nature’s Way brand 1 oz per day (you can get this at Walmart or Walmart’s online shopping), or: Liquid Gluco-Gel, 2 oz per day – this may or may not work for you, but I found it worked wonders, hence my recommendation. It will take up to 2 months for you to notice a difference, so it is both expensive and possibly futile. I noticed a difference after 5 days. Wal-Mart sells Joint Juice. It’s tasty. Blueberry Acai flavor has no weird shit like food dye etc. The best of all three options is Joint > Movement.
note that all of these subsequent options help with detoxification as well as help to kill the infection in some way. The more of these you do, the better. The worse you feel, the more of these you should do.
If you are allergic to damn near everything, divide an off-brand 25 mg of diphenhydramine (i.e. Wal-Dryl, the off-brand Benadryl) into 3/4 of a pill, and then divide that into tenths. Try one tenth. If your pain disappears, your anxiety disappears, and your heart stops pounding, you might have a bit of a problem with allergies, but taking small amounts of diphenhydramine (up to 20 mg aka 3/4 of a pill per day) can keep your pain down until you find someone who knows what the heck is going on. Never take this along with garlic. Alternatively – yet again – a small amount (1/8-1/4 c. at a time) of black or oolong tea may help.
If you have an issue with your blood vessels seizing up, talk to your doctor about tiny doses of verapamil. I took this a while back and it helped, but it wasn’t very fun.
Oil pulling with coconut oil helps. Do this every morning, and every time you feel lousy.
Salt water with baking soda helps. I have absolutely no idea why. Pickles, olives, capers, prepared mustard etc. are likewise helpful. In particular prepared mustard helps. Pickled jalapenos and raw onions also help. I combine the latter three things and eat that over curly fries. Yeah, I know, it’s weird.
Drink moar water and that electrolyte drink recipe (duh)
Hot footbaths are quite underrated. Don’t add epsom salt; it’s a myth that it will make you feel better. These are also helpful for herxheimer reactions in general. If you have a herxheimer reaction with a headache, stick your hands in two buckets of cold water while your feet are in the hot footbath. It sounds crazy but it helps.
Takesumi Supreme helps with herxheimer reactions as well
Use the medicated body spray if you feel a herxheimer reaction coming on
Strong decaf jasmine green tea with grated fresh ginger helps.
Try Biofreeze. Better yet, try this stuff
CBD oil is helpful. It does not work well if ingested; you can add 1/2-1 tsp per cup of massage oil or lotion, or the medicated oil already used in the protocol. Less is more; too much CBD topically can cause heart palpitations and twitching so watch it; I use Apex brand. Don’t use caffeine unless you have no other choice. For more severe pain find a pain specialist. Do not “tough it out” or you could develop fibromyalgia due to the trauma; do whatever it takes to find someone who really knows what they are doing. Someone good at acupuncture should also help. And of course if you live in a state where marijuana is legal, I suggest edibles. Dixie Elixirs makes some good mints where you can easily control the dosage. Ask the guy at the dispensary for recommendations. Edibles take about 4-8 hours to kick in and like capsaicin – too much is horrible. You can also try a tincture of marijuana Over-the-counter painkillers only work for a limited amount of time and have dangerous side effects over time, so using them is risky business. CBD oil can be applied topically, but only at a ratio of 1 tsp in a cup of carrier oil or lotion, up to twice a day.
Distraction: TV in general is great as a distraction. Also movies and books.
Not directly related to Lyme, but general pain relief tips:

For nausea:
Try this tea: mix equal parts fennel, coriander, cumin, and peppermint. Use 1-2 tsp per cup of boiling water, let it cool, and sip.

For depression, anxiety, etc:
There is a product called Zembrin that is a direct replacement for Lexapro as an SSRI, without the horrible side effects. Sceletium tortuosum pills work just as well; that’s the active ingredient. If your situation is serious, take it.
Mix cocoa powder with the daily stevia. It should help. Avoid this if you have kidney problems.
A tea of fresh rosemary, mint, lemon balm, and lemongrass helps. This is why I grow a garden. To grow a garden in pots, get some plant pots and drip trays, some Espoma fertilizer, some Promix Organic potting soil or Fox Farm organic potting soil, and an area that gets full sun for at least 6 hours a day. A south-facing window is essential if you’re doing that indoors. Follow the directions on the fertilizer to use it. Buy plants already in pots and don’t start them from seed. When they look a little cramped in their starter pots, transplant them to a size with about an inch and a half more of root room on all sides. Water the plants once every three to four days with enough water to saturate the dirt all the way down, but only when the pots are light and when the dirt one inch down is fairly dry. Plants can handle being overly watered one day, but if you repeat that too soon (within 24-78 hours) they’ll rot. Learn to recognize cues that your plants are thirsty, but if in doubt, water less.

To relieve monthly pain:
Aleve. Also

To reduce high estrogen levels:
This is often caused by a simultaneous infection with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (find out by asking your doctor to see if your antibody titers are high), as well as by genetics.
9 Myomin pills a day – made by Chi’s Enterprise
3 DIM pills a day – best brand is Solaray; they sell it as DIM Supreme
If you cannot find one or the other, 8 to 12 cups of caffeinated or decaffeinated high quality green or black tea per day is almost as effective. Of course, caffeine has its issues and risks. I bet that pills containing the concentrated active ingredients of tea would also work but I haven’t tried them.

For excess blood coagulation:
This is often caused by simultaneous infection with Bartonella.
3 Natto-Serra pills, morning and evening, by Doctor’s Best, and drink plenty of decaf green and black tea until you can get by without it

Other sites worth checking out: – this is where I get probiotics – this is where I get castor oil – this is where I get gum and mouthwash – this is where I get essential oils

Spiritual/new age type stuff:
Feel free to ignore this.
Bastardized Falun Gong – do it as often as possible, but be aware that it is physically grueling. The post is here
Lots and lots of prayer. If you work magic, do that too.
Sound medicine:
835 Hz for immune system boosting, such as this: – listen to it once a day
Various Hz for parasite removal:–k listen to it once a day
Lyme Hz healing, listen to it once a day starting at 0:48 and repeating the playback twice – it resembles this
Explore Elke Neher and Lucy Herzig Youtube channels; listen to whatever you wish
432 Hz music optionally once a day such as this playlist
Good crystals to charge (via putting in moonlight and sunlight) and carry or wear include howlite, larimar, and fire agate. Rinse them under cold water every week to cleanse them.
Eliminating or greatly reducing electric devices from your living space might help; such as by replacing WiFi with ethernet cable and turning off electronics when not in use
Salt lamps are not a bad idea, same with houseplants if you live in a non-moldy location

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have invented this on my own. I credit the Lord and Lady for leading me to it.

Evidence of corruption:

Studies of interest:

NEW: Case study of hyperbaric ozone therapy ridding a patient of a rash related to a tick bite – this matches up with many patient anecdotes of intravenous ozone treatment getting much, much better from Lyme and even Ebola
Meta-analysis of Lyme disease testing methods reveals that mean sensitivity of all test kits used is 59.5%, not taking into account missed diagnoses of Lyme strains that do not have antibody tests such as Borrelia miyamotoi and others
Excerpt from article: “The authors point out that Lyme tests have only been developed for a few specific Borrelia species. In the United States, test kits are typically designed to detect only B. burgdorferi sensu stricto (B31), while in Europe test kits also include B. afzelii and B.garinii. Test kits for at least nine other species known to cause Lyme-like illness, including B. miyamotoi and B. mayonii are not available. This means the standard test for Lyme disease will miss many cases of disease-causing Borrelia.”
The future of Lyme disease testing, I hope: a multiplex serologic platform for diagnosis of tickborne diseases, also called the Serochip. Might be used in the next 2 years
Genes expressed during Lyme disease infection proposed as a novel way of testing for the illness
Persistent Borrelia infection in patients with persistent Lyme disease
Lyme disease forms persistent “sleeper cells” to survive under adverse conditions
Another study indicating borrelia forms “persister cells”
Some persister mechanisms via genetic adaptation in Lyme disease bacteria shown

h t t ps://
Mice infected with Lyme stationary phase/biofilm microcolony shown to cause more severe disease. Also, triple antibiotics prescribed by CDC did not always work in the mouse model
Lyme found to persist after 28-day treatment with doxycycline 4 months after exposure. In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue
h t t ps://
Aberrant activity of microglia in brains of PTLDS patients
Small fiber neuropathy shown to be associated with post-lyme disease syndrome. Study’s n-number: 10
Borrelia miyamotoi shown to be more common than previously thought in California
h t t ps://
Two-tiered testing protocol shown to be 50% sensitive in diagnosing patients with Lyme Disease
The importance of peptidoglycan in causing Lyme disease symptoms of arthritis
Two-tiered testing protocol shown to be 53.7% sensitive in diagnosing patients with Lyme Disease
PCR done in a certain way shown to be a viable testing methodology that is both sensitive and specific in diagnosing Lyme Disease
Detection of borrelia burgdorferi DNA by PCR in synovial fluid from patients with Lyme arthritis
Lyme disease tests are hypothetically more accurate if they are species-specific
Study illustrates the complexity of Western Blots and the necessity for proper interpretation, but also states the sensitivity of the WB is highly variable
Study suggests enzyme immuno assays are not sufficiently accurate to be reliable
Viable spirochetes isolated from tendons of 1 woman from surgery after antibiotic treatment for Lyme
Viable spirochetes isolated from joint fluid of one man with “post-Lyme” arthritis
Borrelia-like spirochetes identified in the spleen of a man after treatment for Lyme with penicillin
Evaluation of antibiotics in Lyme-infected mice: spirochetes observed under microscope in collagen-rich tissue & PCR seropositive before and after ceftriaxone treatment
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato spirochetes isolated from patients in Southeast U.S. with various presenting symptoms
Borrelia burgdorferi persistance in vitro versus various antibiotics
Borrelia burgdorferi forms drug-tolerant persister cells
Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in urine of treated patients with chronic Lyme disease symptoms as detected by PCR
Amplification of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in skin biopsies from patients with Lyme disease
IDSA Guidelines studied and determined to be mostly based on dubious evidence, determined by an analysis of the IDSA’s own quality-of-evidence rankings. However, this study fails to provide adequate references or sources of information, and must be taken with a grain of salt.
Some essential oils show activity in vitro against Borrelia burgdorferi
More essential oils with activity in vitro against Borrelia burgdorferi
NEW: Effect of various phytochemicals and plant extracts against Borrelia
NEW: Cis-2-decanoic acid, baicalein, monolaurin and kelp shown to be promising in vitro against borrelia spirochetes. Also baicalein and monolaurin shown to be most effective against spirochetes out of all of these.
Monolaurin is present in coconut milk and coconut oil
Baicalein is present in huang qin, aka scutellaria baicalensis, also scutellaria lateriflora and thyme.
Quality of life in patients with Post-Lyme Disease Syndrome shown to be poor despite lack of current lab test differences between healthy controls and the subjects of the study
Increased body temperature is helpful for eradicating Lyme disease in vitro if used in combination with antibiotics
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy shown to improve quality of life in female patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves symptoms in patients with Fibromyalgia

Best insurer: Golden Rule. I switched a while ago and never looked back.

Understanding people with Lyme and helping advocate for them:

10 Things to Know About People with Lyme Disease

Finding LLMDs – NOTE: Your best bet is actually NOT an LLMD but a very good naturopath on the northern part of the East Coast or in Southern California. Literally everywhere else you are FUCKED.

If you want to donate to Lyme disease research, here is a link for the Bay Area Lyme Foundation:

To participate in a possible future clinical trial, see:

Participating in Clinical Research: Another Treatment Alternative?

Combination Therapy

To see if you qualify for financial assistance in dealing with Lyme disease, see:



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