It’s time to piss everybody off!

Surely it’s a meme by now to claim that “this is our land.” People have been doing it since the beginning of time. In fact everyone’s been doing it since they were toddlers – “no give it back, it’s mine!” The old toddler dictum of “what’s mine is MINE and what’s yours is also MINE and what’s over there is also MINE and if you don’t agree I’ll throw a fit” is unfortunate. Because like 90% of people never grow out of it.

People can be cool with it if you take away their name, if you take away their religion, their identity, their family, and their stuff. But instead of getting mad about all of that, they fixate on the one thing that they hold dearest – the LAND. And it seems that everyone on this goddamned planet agrees on one thing and one thing only: that the land is theirs and their ancestors’, thankyouverymuch, all the while failing to realize the truth.

The land belongs to itself and to itself only. The land is sentient. The planet is alive, and each place has its own consciousness. We don’t own shit. It owns us. We are supposed to have a sacred relationship with this place called Earth by respecting what would happen should we suddenly get teleported into the vacuum of space and then observe our skin start to bubble violently as we die a horrible painful death. Just saying.

That being said if you own land and take good care of it, more power to you. Just bear in mind that you don’t own it FOREVER, and that it belongs to itself – you just live on it.

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