Bastardized Falun Gong

So I have found something amazing. Originally, the new age version of Falun Gong is this interesting practice where you do a form of supercharged Qigong and also get all kinds of energetic stuff implanted onto your energy body, with or without your consent, and get all kinds of energetic guardians, again with or without your consent. For some people I am sure this is what they want. Me? I wound up with these friggin things either attached to me or trying to attach, and it was not okay, and I did not like it. Nor did I want things guarding me which I had never met before. So I tried something else and wound up with something that can help heal just about anybody, no attachments required.

Say this first:

“Lady, Lord (or whoever you trust and believe in), Angels, I ask for your protection and help. Please surround me in Divine white light so that nothing can get into this sacred space but the Lady, the Lord, and the energy of the Universe itself, infusing me and flowing through me. I do not want any energetic attachments or energetic visitors of any kind, so please protect me from them as I do these exercises and keep them away from me afterwards, as well.”

Then do the Falun Gong exercises as shown here, but without saying any of the verses or whatever.

When you reach the third exercise, when it tells you to “turn the law wheel,” instead overlap your hands in front of the lower abdomen the same way you did in exercises 1 and 2.

Thank the Lady, the Lord, and the Angels for their help, from the heart.

It is far more beneficial than Qigong as far as I can tell. It feels pure and clean. Try it.

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